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Qatar: Woman killed by ex-husband outside Doha family court

A Yemeni resident of Qatar was shot dead by her former husband outside a family court in Doha on Thursday, sources told Doha News.

Arwa Al-Sanea was stepping out of a taxi when her child’s father shot her in broad daylight.

The 40-year-old mother had recently won custody of her son following a four year legal battle with the divorcee at the Family Court.

Her former husband, Khaled Al Yafei, a Yemeni-Qatari national, shot Al Sanea in front of her son before turning himself in to authorities.

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Al-Sanea was reportedly threatened by her ex husband who warned he would deport her back to her home country.

News of the incident prompted outrage on social media where residents demanded justice for the victim under the hashtag #حقاروىالصانع (#justice_for_Arwa_AlSanea).

اتمنى من كل قلبي ان الله يوفق المشرع القطري بان يضبط هؤلاء المتعصبين المتنمرين ويحكم بقبضة من حديد على هؤلاء القِلة الذين يستهترون بأرواح الناس ولا هم لهم سوى انفسهم التس تسول بهم القضاء على اي شخص يخالفهم الرأي الله يتقبلها برحمته شهيده امين

— ألمعآاضيد (@ALGhanim1510) January 7, 2021

Al Sanea was buried at the Mesaimeer Cemetery on Friday.

The perpetrator is currently in police custody and is expected to face trial soon, sources with knowledge of the case told Doha News. Such crimes are punishable by life imprisonment in Qatar.

Qatar Charity launched a campaign for the deceased, calling on the public to donate to build a mosque in The Philippines to honour her memory.

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