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Anna Mbachu – The Woman on A Mission to Save Widows and Children Both in UK and Nigeria

Anna has been helping the underprivileged widows and children in UK and Nigeria for 6 years.

Beloved British-Nigerian politician, wife and social worker Anna Mbachu has been soaring in popularity for all the right reasons. She is being loved and honoured more and more as she helps widowed women and orphaned children both in the UK and her country of birth, Nigeria. Through her foundation — Anna Mbachu Foundation where she helps Educate the Orphan and Support the widow — she has been able to support hundreds of women and children till now by giving them a better life compared to the social evils they face by themselves.

Started in 2015, the foundation is the result of many personal experiences that Anna herself went through. She became an orphan when she was a child, and later lost her husband when her son was only 3 years old. Through her foundation, she supports widows through empowerment. She also supports young girlchild orphan with free education up to secondary level and also protects them from child abuse, sexual and gender-based violence. Anna Mbachu is also a senior clinician with the National Health Service. As a politician, she has served as the Mayor of the Waltham Forest Borough, East London and is currently an elected councillor.

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“In developing countries, especially nations like mine, widows and orphans find it extremely difficult to survive, let alone live. The fact that I could move to the UK and become a councillor in London makes me thankful and grateful. I leave no stone unturned to give back to the community. We are bolstering more and more support for the purpose of assisting widows with existing businesses to be self-reliant. We are also grinding ourselves to provide the best possible education for the orphans, especially the girl child for them to be able to sustain themselves later in life. We urge you to donate to our non-profit and help these widows and orphans get a better life as they deserve. May you all be blessed richly”, said Cllr Anna Mbachu.


Anna Mbachu is a British-Nigerian who is an elected councillor based in London. She is a wife, a senior clinician with the National Health Service and runs her own charity called Anna Mbachu Foundation. Her foundation helps the widows and orphans with empowerment and education to seek a better life.
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