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Jordyn Woods calls out the oversexualization of her body: ‘I can’t help my body’

Jordyn Woods is owning her curves.

On Thursday, the 23-year-old model and entrepreneur sat down with Complex to talk about an array of topics that include her love for sneakers, upcoming projects, her relationship with NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns and how she deals with criticism she faces on social media. One thing she pointed out is what she sees as the oversexualization of her body, which she believes happens all the time.

“Being a curvy girl, [things are] gonna look more extra or more centralized because of my body,” Woods explained. “So I can wear a tank top and it could be low cut. It could be hot outside, but because I have boobs and whatever, it’s going to look more [like] ‘oh, she’s trying’ or ‘she’s sexual.’ … I can’t help my body.”

Jordyn Woods/Instagram

Woods has gone viral several times for videos she has shared on social media. One was a video of her getting a massage, a video she believes would not have gone viral had she not been curvy. Another was of her participating in the “Buss It” challenge on TikTok, which has over 4 million views and pretty much broke the internet.

Boyfriend Towns, along with countless social media users, shared their stamp of approval, and Woods admitted that the attention came as a bit of a surprise to her.

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Despite what anyone says, Woods says that she would continue to flaunt her curves.

“I’m like, ‘This is the youngest I will ever be. So I’m just going to own it.’ And one day, I’m going to have a family and be a mom and most likely not be posting like this. And if I do, then that’s what I want to do. But I feel like we’re young. You live in the moment,” she said.

One thing Woods says she would not play about is her 14-year-old sister, Jodie, who is an upcoming influencer in her own right. The pair regularly pose for photos on social media, with many people not being able to tell them apart.

“I have a 14-year-old sister who looks super grown and I did not look like that at her age,” she said. “And I see grown men always commenting on her, how old she is. And that’s when I’m like, OK, I’m going to respond. When it comes to me, I’m like more laid back. But when it comes to my family, I’m like, no, I have to say something. So it’s just the world we live in now, I guess. And it’s, it’s unfortunate, but you just gotta raise your sons to be a king.”

Even before her Complex interview, Woods has always been open about her struggles with body image. In a 2018 interview with Yahoo Life, she talked about her weight-loss journey and how working out does not have to mean that you do not love your body.

“Even with me working out, it’s been very controversial for some people,” she said at the time. “They’re saying, ‘Oh, you’re working out, you don’t like your body, you’re trying to look a certain way.’ But no, I feel like loving your body and being body positive is taking care of yourself, doing things to make you better and doing things that you want to do.”

Source Yahoo News
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